So you think you've tried them all?

The Cheese Mafia Menu

Stars Orange

Made with locally baked, fresh bread and served with your choice of garlic-Parmesan fries (original truck recipe), homemade tomato soup or side salad

sub sweet potato fries $1.00
*Add a garlic-Parmesan crust to any sandwich 1.00


Stars Orange

The Wiseass
Provolone cheese, salami, artichoke hearts and fresh jalapeños on sourdough with a garlic Parmesan crust

The Fat Elvis
Peanut butter, cream cheese, honey, bacon and bananas on white bread

The Fat Elvis with Heartburn
Peanut butter, cream cheese, honey, bacon, bananas and jalapenos on white bread 8.29

La Bella
La Bella- Mozzarella, cream cheese, chicken, tomatoes, artichoke hearts on wheat bread with a garlic Parmesan crust

The Sweet Heat
The Sweet Heat- Mozzarella cheese, chicken and sweet & spicy sauce on Great Basin Icky Wheat

Sinful Fries
Sweet potato fries topped with nutella, peanut butter, and marshamallow fluff